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Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol AddictionWhat Exactly is Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction, also known as alcoholism, is the drinking of alcohol that can cause problems. And whether minor or severe, addiction to alcohol is bad for anyone. It is also divided into two parts: alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence.


Many assume that alcohol abuse and dependence simply refer to the word “alcoholism” when in fact, they are two different terms:


Alcohol Abuse
This refers to the overconsumption of alcohol at one time. Alcohol abusers do not necessarily drink alcohol on a regular basis but when they do, they drink too much.


Alcohol Dependence
If you are dependent on alcohol, it means that you are physically and mentally addicted to it. This also means that you spend most of your time drinking and you seem to think that you cannot live without a single glass of alcohol. People who are addicted usually consume alcohol ever day.


Facts About Alcohol Dependence & Alcohol Abuse

  • 51. 5% of American adults are regular drinkers. They consume at least 12 drinks of alcohol per year.
  • There are 88,000 alcohol-related deaths in America every year. 5000 of those people are under the age of 21.
  • Alcohol abuse is most common in people between the ages of 15 and 24.


Why Should You Seek Help in a Rehabilitation Center?
Alcoholism can lead to a number of diseases including pancreatitis, cancer, anemia, liver disease and heart disease. Other than that, there are the dangers that come from terrible alcohol abuse such as drunk-driving and unprotected sex. These are problems that cause a lot of damage to people’s lives. Whether if you are a victim or the person who started the problem, things will be very difficult for you. However, these can all be avoided if you choose to seek help from medical professionals now.


The Benefits of Receiving Inpatient Treatments
If you are addicted to alcohol, you require medical help so that you can put a stop to your addition as well as learn new behavior patterns. This is something that is best done in a rehabilitation center because you need the guidance and support of the right people, particularly professionals. Because of this, inpatient treatments produce far better results and bring more success to clients.


Here are three benefits of our inpatient services:

  1. Helpful & supportive staff
    When you receive our inpatient rehabilitation, our staff of doctors and nurses will provide you with the love, care, and support that you need. Some of the people who are suffering from alcohol addiction are going through the roughest of times in their lives, which is why we want to reassure you that we will make things easier.
  2. Abstinence from alcohol
    In our facility, there will be nothing that can tempt you to go back to your addiction. We will teach you how to survive without the one thing you think you cannot live without. You will not have access to alcohol, as a result, you can concentrate on overcoming addiction and recovering.
  3. All-day supervision
    For your safety, your health needs to be monitored. In our Orange County TruVida Recovery facility, there are people in charge of looking after you every day. There will be nothing to worry about at all because we are with you day and night.


So, come to TruVida Recovery today! Browse through our website for more information on our rehabilitation programs. Give us a call when you are ready.