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Medical Therapies

consulting addictionAside from assisting our clients achieve their overall health, we also offer detox therapies to ensure the complete recovery of each of our clients. With the help of TruVida Recovery’s detox therapies, our clients will be able to overcome their addiction to alcohol and drugs. Detox therapies help people cope up with their addiction and overcome it.


With thorough workings, detox therapies are very effective method in extracting addiction from a person. In TruVida Recovery, we pay close attention to each client and their cases and then we decide the amount of detox therapies they need in order to recover. A special treatment is then performed. These treatments include Suboxone oral, Naltrexone Vivitrol and Methadone, each performed by our professional medical staffs. The process that each client will go through depends on the severity of their case; it is decided after a few evaluations and professional consultations.


Detox Therapies help clients slowly recover from their addiction. We want to extract their bad habits and change it to good ones. While our clients are undergoing detox therapies, we make sure that we always support and encourage them so they could go through the whole process with just minimal hardships. Detox therapies are done by session depending on the cases of each of our clients but we make sure that all of their needs are fulfilled. We want nothing but the best for our clients so each therapy is conducted at the right time and surrounding.


Now this therapy is just one of a few ways to overcome addiction but in general, active participation and willpower from our clients will make the process successful which is why before starting a therapy, we make sure that our client is ready to undergo the whole process. Our meticulous detox therapies are carefully planned out and executed to ensure a success rate of 100%. We want to remove addiction from our clients the soonest as possible. So in every case, no matter how severe, we make it a point to monitor daily their status whether they are getting better or not. We execute all kinds of approach just to help out our clients. Thus, the creations of our quality detox therapy service to our clients. We want to offer them faster recovery so they could begin a new chapter of their lives.


There are different types of detox therapies, and the following therapies are what TruVida Recovery offers:


  • Suboxone Oral
    Suboxone is a substance containing buprenorphine and naloxone, which is widely used around the world to treat drug addiction.
  • Naltrexone Vivitrol
    Naltrexone Vivitrol helps our clients by removing their need to use drugs or intake of alcohol. This will greatly enhance their way of lives since some find it hard to suddenly stop using drugs or drinking alcohol.
  • Benzos
    Benzodiazepines (Benzos) are a family of subscription drugs that help to alleviate seizures and anxiety during Detox.  Some of the more commonly used Benzos are; Valium, Serax, Librium, Tranxene and Valrelease.