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Nutritious Meals

addictedOne goal at TruVida Recovery is to provide a balanced diet and enhance the nutritional level of each client.  We help to achieve this by working with each client to develop healthy and nutritious eating habits.  Our culinary staff work to provide balanced meals in order to restore our clients’ health to a more perfect state.


Balanced nutrition meals aim to promote and pursue healthy living by means of activities catered to care for the well-being of our clients. TruVida Recovery meal plans are designed carefully according to the needs of each our benefactors. Our menus provide healthy yet delicious food which is customized according to the needs of each person.


Being an alcohol and drug addict is an assurance to the great drop of health state of an individual. This being said, TruVida aims to restore perfect state of health by providing various activities which will care for the health of our clients. We also make sure that the activities we provide will be a permanent habit to each one so that when they leave our recovery sanctuary, they still know how to care for their health even without the assistance of others. We aim to help them develop instincts that tells them to eat the right kind of food and be meticulous when it comes to choosing the right type of diet.

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TruVida Recovery’s meal plans offer only the best because we want our client to recover at a fast rate and this will only be possible when we educate them with the right things. We want to instill good values and habits to our clients in which they can also share to other people. Nutrition is a great impact to everyone’s lives and it is badly needed by especially those once alcohol and drug dependent. Nutrition is one of the things we want to improve to our clients. We want them to leave our recovery center feeling good and better than what they were before. A good nutrition changes one’s perspective. When someone is healthy, they see the world as a very beautiful creation and they learn to appreciate even the simplest things. We want our clients to achieve this state with the nutrition therapy we will be conducting. We want to give them the biggest positive change they can have on their lives. We want them to be living their lives once again full of hope and motivation and we believe this can be achieved by promoting good health and good health can only come from good habits. Our nutrition therapy ensures this result because we don’t only provide good health to our clients; we also surround them with good care and support.