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Reclamation Fitness Therapy

addictedAt TruVida Recovery we believe a key component towards recovery is developing health coping skills and hobbies which each client will utilize on the road to recovery. Together with our trained professionals, we design various activities for clients to acquire new skills that they will be able to apply in the real world. This allows our clients to improve their way of life by creating health habits and ways to enjoy leisure time through the various activities they have learned during their stay at our facilities.


We give close attention to each client as they are executing each activity to ensure that they understood every instruction and to give points of improvement in order to maximize their talents. Acquiring various skills from our reclamation fitness therapy also improves the esteem of our clients. This will make them feel better about themselves because they know that they have unique, special skills from others.


TruVida Recovery fitness therapy also offers a very friendly and supportive environment. We make sure that each of our client’s presence is well-appreciated. We encourage them to do their best and shine in every activity. We encourage them by making them feel that they are not worthless and that they are loved by a lot of people. Our exercise therapy serves as a tool to change habits, especially their old, bad ones. That instead of procrastinating on bad habits, they will make use of their time by becoming productive on things that are beneficial. This will create a permanent habit of doing activities that can be of great advantage not only to themselves but as well with the people surrounding them. This is a good life changing approach in fighting bad habits by changing it to good ones.


TruVida Recovery offers the best services when it comes to reclamation fitness therapy. Aside from our great dedication to each activity, we also offer the best environment suitable for the maximization of our client’s skills. Exercise therapy is yet one of the best ways to alter bad habits and change it to productive ones. TruVida Recovery ensures this outcome with the participation of our clients to our aerobic therapy. Fitness therapy is one of the best things we do and fast recoveries of our clients are assured with the involvement to each activity we carefully weaved according to their needs.