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What’s True and What’s Not

What's True and What's NotWith addiction becoming a bigger problem for society, people do not know if the things they hear are true or false. This makes addiction difficult to understand. But by knowing the truth, you can help yourself and those close to you overcome their drug and alcohol addiction.


Drugs and alcohol are substances a person can abuse and become dependent on. And because many of us can’t always tell apart what is right and what is wrong when it comes to the causes and effects of addiction, we want to give you a clearer explanation in this article.


Here are some of the things people often mix up:


Wrong: Addiction is a choice.

Right: Addiction is considered a choice as well as a disease.

Most of us still don’t know if addiction is more of a disease than a choice. The thing is, the decision to use a drug is different from whatever drives a person to keep using it. Nevertheless, people who are addicted lack self-control and they will choose to use drugs and drink alcohol if they have access to these substances. To be clear, using drugs is your choice, and all the consequences that come from it is your own doing too. However, when you allow your body and mind to be too consumed by these substances, it will control you and eventually become a disease. Then you won’t have a choice but to suffer from it. As a result, you will need all the help you can get to defeat your addiction.


Wrong: We can cure addiction.

Right: We cannot cure addiction but we can stop it.

Obviously, there is no direct cure to drug or alcohol addiction but that doesn’t mean you can’t control it. Addiction can be managed and all the more if you are determined to get better. That being so, you should be committed to changing your ways. Never allow your addiction to take over your life. Get help as soon as you can.


Wrong: People who use drugs are bad.

Right: People who use drugs are those who are dealing with personal issues and are having great difficulty controlling themselves.

Because people cannot see a way out, it leads them to using drugs. Mental illnesses also play a significant role in people’s addictions. They have voices in their heads that they cannot easily shut out, which is exactly why they need professional assistance.  Moreover, those who are addicted can’t just fix their lives right away and you can’t label people and expect their upbringing or decisions in life to turn them into addicts. Anyone with problems can depend on drugs simply because they think it can heal them from all the pain they are suffering from. Somehow, they believe that the drugs can save them. They are wrong, of course. But so is the assumption that those who use are bad people. If we change how we see their situations now, we can actually help them put an end to their addictions.


Wrong: Legal/Prescribed drugs are safe.

Right: Legal/Prescribed drugs can be dangerous too.

Prescribed drugs are commonly what lead people to overdose. Addicts think that because these drugs are provided by doctors, they are completely safe. Legal drugs can, in fact, still be harmful to your health, specifically when you abuse it. When taking drugs that are prescribed by our doctors, we simply need discipline. You have to remind yourself that what the doctor prescribes is just what your body needs. You should not take more than you are allowed.


Wrong: You have to be at your lowest for you to get back to the top.

Right: You don’t have to be at the lowest point of your addiction in order for you to put an end to it.

The sooner that you receive treatment, the better. For people suffering from addiction, it is hard to see a way out but it is not impossible. You have to understand that waiting to hit rock bottom can lead to a number of undesirable outcomes including legal issues, family problems, ruined careers, accidents and even death. So, do not let your life crumble down because of your addiction. Stop it while you still have a choice.


Wrong: If you use drugs moderately, you can control your addiction.

Right: Using less doesn’t make it any better.

You are still using drugs and depending on it, therefore, it will be detrimental to your health and well-being. Also, it is important to remember that you don’t need drugs and alcohol to survive. What you do need is food and water. No matter how strong your desire to use or drink is, these things will only give you problems.


Wrong: Once an addict, always an addict.

Right: Just because you were addicted to drugs or alcohol once, it doesn’t mean that you will again.

It takes time to overcome addiction and as mentioned earlier, it is not something that can be cured but managed. When you have received treatment and are recovering, the decision will always be yours to completely stay away from drugs or alcohol for the rest of your life or to continue to be drawn to it. The point is that if you choose to fight towards progress and recovery, then you can achieve living a proper life. Furthermore, making mistakes along the way won’t mean going back to the suffering you had to endure because of your addiction.


Wrong: Using drugs is a crime.

Right: Using drugs does not make you a criminal but it can make you do the wrong things.

Those who use have the tendency to cause trouble and hurt the people around them. Sometimes, the most complicated situations are caused by those who are addicted. But they don’t need to be punished by law. They should be given treatment in a rehabilitation center because that is the only way for them to stop their addictions. Letting law enforcement handle them for their mistakes will only make things worse. People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol require treatment and rehabilitation, not punishment.


Wrong: People can stop using whenever they want to.

Right: Addiction makes it difficult for people to stop using even if they want to.

Things like trauma, personal issues, and mental disorders can lead to drug or alcohol addiction, and quitting is never easy. People can’t just stop being addicted because it is not that simple. This is exactly why it’s best for them to receive treatment in a rehabilitation center. Here, they will be able to understand what they are going through and learn to take control of their lives.


Wrong: You won’t be able to stop using on your own./ You can only stop using on your own.

Right: Both statements are possible.

Overcoming your addiction takes a lot of courage, which you find in yourself, but you still need support from other people. This is essential to your recovery because people won’t just help you physically, they can also make things so much easier for you.  Basically, those who are suffering from addiction will always need a helping hand through their rehabilitation. But you should not forget that you control your mind and body. If you want to get better, you need to be a hundred and one percent willing to change.


Wrong: Drug addicts lack motivation to quit.

Right: Drug addicts struggle to quit because treatments take time.

Drugs can change the way that you think, which can change you as a person. It is also not an easy step to overpower your addiction. It requires things like counseling, therapy and medical supervision. Hence, those who suffer from addiction will have to go through a complicated and long-term process but it doesn’t mean that they lack the motivation to stop using.


Wrong: Detoxification and rehabilitation are the same thing.

Right: Detoxification and rehabilitation are two different ways to help end your addiction.

Detoxification refers to removing the toxic and unhealthy substances that come from the drugs or alcohol from your system. Rehabilitation, on the other hand, is a longer process. It involves abstaining from what you are addicted to, understanding what started it all, and learning new and positive ways to live so that you can be a strong and happy individual again.


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