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Referring Professionals Services

Our “RPP” or Referring Professionals Portal is designed to give you a Substance Abuse Professional, Mental health professional, or Primary care physician that can immediately access to your patient’s progress while in treatment with our team at TruVida. Items included in the portal are as follows:


  • Intake information
  • Weekly progress reports and updates regarding your patient’s progress and response to treatment.
  • Major mile stones achieved
  • Meds administered
  • Hurdles or obstacles during the treatment process
  • Discharge information



Our effectiveness as an inpatient care provider is dependent on our ability to meet the needs of the patient, family and referring professional. If you choose to refer your patient to TruVida, it’s imperative that our staff works with you to develop a full understanding of the patient’s treatment history and specific clinical needs. You are considered as a part of our team, and we keep you connected with your patient in their progress and in the continuing care process.

When you contact TruVida as a referring professional, you can expect:


  • A prompt response from our team.
  • A streamlined intake process to determine the best programming fit for your client.
  • Help in addressing any special concerns or needs you or your client may have regarding our programs and services.
  • Guidance for your clients in accessing the maximum health insurance benefits available.


Ongoing collaboration with you in your client’s treatment plan and discharge recommendations to ensure continuity of care.

To Access to our “Referring Professionals Portal” , please visit:  www.SAPTreatment.com