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Laptops and Cell Phones ALLOWED

TruVida Recovery → Where cell phones & laptops are NOT a bad thing!

Orange County, CA Drug Rehabs that Allow Cell Phones and Laptops-Tablets

Unfortunately, most drug and alcohol rehab centers that allow laptop computers and cell phones tend to be luxury based and exorbitantly priced…that isn’t the case at TruVida Recovery Center!


Though treating addiction is definitely priority #1 while you’re here, we also know that times have changed and each and every individual has a unique set of needs, clinically, emotionally, financially and so forth. At TruVida Recovery you don’t need to be a corporate executive or an A-List actor in order to receive the benefits of technological connectivity while in our residential treatment program. As long as it doesn’t interfere with your clinical program and daily treatment plan, we will make every effort to make your cell phone and laptop computer/tablet available to you as needed!


To some clients this is a really big deal, maybe because of their work or school or other necessity. To others it may only be an added convenience. Regardless, at TruVida Recovery we view each client uniquely and strive to tailor a treatment best suited to them and their long-term recovery needs



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