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Psychodrama for Drug Addiction Recovery

PyschoDrama logoPsychodrama, an experiential form of therapy, allows those in treatment to explore issues through dramatic action methods. This type of therapy allows one to explore emotional difficulties through the medium of drama. This could involve a variety of activities including writing, learning scripts, improvisation exercises, or activities using puppets and masks.


Psychodrama at TruVida Recovery is used within a group environment. A Psychodrama therapist will use different techniques and may help one create a fictional story to portray. Usually the fictitious story will be a patients story re-told through different characters. Creating this space between the patient and the emotional concerns being explored can offer clarity and a sense of relief or catharsis.


Jacob Moreno, a 20th century psychiatrist, developed psychodrama in the early 1900s, holding the first session in 1921. The approach was born out of his recognition of the importance of the group approach to therapy and his combined interests in philosophy, theater, and mysticism. In the late 1930s, he founded the Beacon Hospital, which featured a therapeutic theater where psychodrama could be practiced as part of therapy, and in 1942, he established the American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama. After his death in 1974, his wife, Zerka, continued to travel, teaching and training others in the approach.


The goals of Psychodrama include:

  • Solve a problems underlying addictive behavior
  • Achieve catharsis
  • Understand underlying motivations and fears that foster addictive behavior
  • Explore and overcome unhealthy addictive behavior
  • Improve social skills for a sober life


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