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Relapse Prevention Therapy for Drug Addiction

successful-12 stepsTruVida Recovery provides our patients with personalized Relapse Prevention Therapy. Our uniquely designed relapse prevention therapy has been carefully and thoughtfully formulated using the most advanced therapies, counseling and evidenced based practices to help ensure lasting sobriety for our patients. It is through our groundbreaking ‘Relapse Prevention Program’ that our clients are able to cultivate the mental/emotional stability that will enable them to meet life’s obstacles head-on without needing to resort to their previous unhealthy behaviors.

As there is no magic cure for chronic drug addiction. The intent of relapse prevention therapy is to minimize both the frequency and severity of the possible occurrence of relapse, with the goal of preventing them entirely by early detection and appropriate preventive strategies.

The initial therapeutic component in Relapse prevention therapy is the identification of the specific factors that may trigger a return of an individual’s behavioral symptoms. TruVida Recovery provides the training, coaching and techniques to recognize and cope with those triggers which vary from exceptionally mild to devastatingly severe.

The key to our success lies in the diversity and balance of the educational material and the way in which it is presented by our expert staff. Our foremost methods of relapse prevention include but are not limited to; applying coping mechanisms, activating thought-stopping, generating personal awareness, and trigger recognition, all in conjunction with emphasis on the identification of behavioral, physical and emotional warning signs. These major topics are outlined below:


  • Topic 1- Constructive ways of thinking and behaving to deal with the immediate problems such as residual urges and cravings of their addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.
  • Topic 2 – Showing the location of various temptation situations, pitfalls, and danger spots along the way that can throw clients off course with the lure of temptation. This gives clients information on detours to avoid temptation situations where possible and to help them to acquire the skills to cope with challenges
  • Topic 3 – guide clients through the tricks their minds sometimes play on them such as making Apparently Irrelevant Decisions that set them up for trouble. RPT helps clients make important changes in their day-to-day lifestyle, and teaches them to trust in the assurance that that their sensitivity to the diverse subtleties of life’s pleasures will return once their brain’s pleasure center is not overwhelmed
  • Topic 4 – teaches clients new methods of coping with stress. Unrealistic expectations of perfection often set people up for disappointment in themselves. RPT encourages clients to take a more realistic approach, and learn to anticipate and cope with problematic situations. Whether you call it relapse or recurrence of symptoms, when or if it happens, Inspire Malibu knows it isn’t a sign of failure, or proof of a fatal character flaw – chronic illnesses are, by definition, chronic – clients learn to quickly recoup and move forward.

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