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Visual Concentration Attention Therapy (VCAT) for Substance Abuse Treatment

Visual Concentration Attention Therapy (VCAT) is developed and maintained by Nader Siahdohoni, PhD. VCAT It is a sophisticated brain training and exerting technology with therapeutic approach designed to fit many different neural network related dysfunction in a very special way. It has been used effectively for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Dr. Siahdohoni VCAT technology uses variety of patterns, strategies and techniques with sophisticated steps to empower its efficacy and validity. VCAT improves brain function by producing higher activity and plasticity, increases blood circulation and the oxygen and glucose throughout the brain tissue, restoration, and the regeneration of neurons (Neurogenesis). VCAT is a very effective solution in regulating neural network dysfunction and brain’s chemical imbalance caused by disease, substance abuse, or traumatic brain injuries. It is safe, fast, and has the major benefit of being drug free.


VCAT Brain functionVCAT-TRP is based on therapeutic theories of attention, neural network, and memory track (see VCAT-Family Tree) within Visual Field (VF). It uses the science of Visual Field, Attention Stimulation, and Neuro-cognitive Theory to create variety of therapeutic patterns that VCAT integrates with its sophisticated strategies to stimulate and enhance brain’s functioning system accordingly depending on where and how the simulations are penetrate/guided to the affected area of the brain from the visual field (See VF). VCAT-TRP starts with attention track including sustained, divided, and selective attention, gaze cueing of attention, shifting attention, directions of attention shifting (bottom -up and top-down), as well as feature integrated model of object and space based attention including overt and covert attention and further continues with the neural and memory track including single and multiple object tracking and attention processing, crowding, single and multiple cognitive processing, and maximal cognitive tracking. VCAT-TRP consists of 4 progressive levels of treatment to precisely affecting brain’s functioning system and its chemical imbalance by balancing related brain waves throughout the brain as well as rejuvenating and regulating brain’s neural network functioning and connectivity.


For information about Dr. Siahdohoni VCAT technology, and how it it effectively used to help clients struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, contact our Sober Coach at: 949-388-3866