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An important part of the TruVida Recovery program, and also part and parcel of our Certification with the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), is community awareness and involvement.  This endeavor encompasses the following;


– Membership and Participation in Local, Regional and National Addiction Recovery Associations 

– Donations to various Non-Profit Organizations

– Neighborhood Immersion and Mindfulness 

– Community Advisory Board

Memberships or Certifications with Addiction Recovery Associations & Organizations 

TruVida Recovery is constantly striving to improve our operations, and supports the causes of various Orange County, California and National substance abuse recovery associations, networks and organizations. This support takes the form of attendance and conferences, memberships and/or certification with the Associations, Networks or Organizations listed below:.

Non-Profit Organizations Donations and Participation

TruVida Recovery, or its principals have made charitable donations to the following non-profit organizations:

Neighborhood Immersion and Mindfulness 

The management and staff at TruVida Recovery are experienced, and are committed to  follow the Policies and Procedures (P&P’s) of Truvida Recovery, which have been reviewed, and approved by the Licensing division of the California DHCS.  An important part of our P&P’s is mindfulness and ongoing vigilance of our daily operations so that we co-exist in harmony within the residential setting of the neighborhood.  In this regard, we monitor and manage the following items:


– Minimize the impact to street parking via scheduling and parking of cars on the driveway, inside the garage and in the RV parking area.

– No loitering in the front of the house.  All activities and off-hours free time of the guests are conducted within the walls of the home, in the fenced and private backyard, or on various field trips.

– Constant vigilance insuring  that trash cans are put out and removed on Tuesday pick-up day, and pick-up and maintenance of any loose pieces of trash from the front yard and street.

Community Advisory Board 

We have assembled a community advisory board whose purpose is to offer additional awareness regarding community perceptions and concerns, and assist the management team of TruVida Recovery foster greater responsiveness to community needs. This appointed body of designated community representatives periodically communicates with the management team of TruVida Recovery offering feedback, insight and advice. The advisory board consists of 5 local residents who are active members in the local community.

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