Here at TruVida Recovery, we lead with  compassion and respect, which sets us apart from many other facilities. As a result, people are talking about us, and have great things to say.
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What can I say about TruVida Recovery… Miracles happen while your there. The bottom line is if your reading this review in hopes of finding someone to help you with the decision on your first step into a better life. I hope I have persuaded you. This place is a head of the game when it comes to treatment. You are guaranteed to feel loved, connected, and supported. I was in an incredibly dark and scary place back in Fort Lauderdale, FL and thought I literally had died and gone to hell. There was no light and my ability to get things working was not, well, working.
I got in touch with Simon his compassion radiated over the phone and his assurance helped me at a very hard time. When I arrived, my man Jimmy picked me up from the airport. He’s a amazing man! When you meet him his excitement and passion has an ability to make you feel like you were right at home. Jimmy and Willie are a dynamic duo. They work great together and have help me from jumping off the ledge a few times. They love the clients and go above and beyond for you.
They have this technology called “BioSound” which is the cutting edge in Addiction technology. Rick is the Genius who runs it and helps you. It’s amazing!
Kevin and Tiffany are amazing! They care so much and are the most involved Clinical and Program directors I’ve ever encountered. (I’ve been to a lot of rehabs).
Sarah is an amazing therapist! She brings stuff together that you share in ways that you couldn’t even consider!
You’ll workout hard with Robert and Yoga yourself with Christine.
Chris is the 5 star chef who create amazing food and is there if you need. The house is incredible. Beautiful pool and yard. It’s in a quite little Laguna Niguel neighborhood.
You have choices to do 12 step, SMART, or what ever will help your success. Stay strong and know your wanted in this world! I know it’s dark right now but YOU CAN MAKE IT! I hope to see you on the road to recovery and pray that you’ll decide to come to TruVida Recovery.

— Geoff I. (Google+ 5 Star Rating) 5 Gold Stars

I have been an addict since I was 15.  Before going to TruVida I had participated   treatment.  As soon as I walked into TruVida I was welcomed as if I was being brought into someone’s home.  The staff at TruVida treated me like I was family.  They truly cared about me as a person.  Everyone from the Clinical Staff  to the Support Staff was excellent.  They not only did their jobs but made time to talk to me about my issues as well as sharing their own their own personal past.  I have spent most of my adult life battling addiction and have done CBT programs and T.C. based programs. The other programs I completed don’t even compare with TruVida.  I would recommend TruVida to anyone.  They make you feel like you are part of their family and truly care about you.  The Program Director and Therapist take a personal interest in all clients and will go over and above to talk with you and show you that they truly care.  In the past 21 years there hasn’t been a time in my life when I haven’t thought about using in one way or another.  I truly thank God for TruVida and all of their staff for helping me with my recovery.  I have 120 days clean today and I wouldn’t be where I am today without TruVida.  I truly love everyone there and thank them for everything they have done for me, as well as everyone they continue to help to this day.

— Robert O.

Excellent treatment… it was a definite life saver. I loved this place really excellent program. The staff made it even better. They genuinely care about the clients. I made connections here that I plan to keep beyond treatment. Shout out to Jimmy and Willie!

— Trevor M

Truvida saved my life. During my stay the staff made me feel like family and showed me a new way of living. I would highly recommend Truvida to anyone struggling with addiction.

— Lane S

TruVida is an amazing facility with some of the most caring and admirable people I have ever met. I have been to many other treatment facilities in the past, and I have to say that TruVida was a much more personable and positive experience for myself. The program director, therapists, counselor’s, all of the staff were absolutely amazing and each one of them has left a positive, life long impression with me in many different ways. Thanks to the program I have the tools to live the life I have always wanted and deserved. I can truly say, without reservation, that I am a completely different person, spiritually and mentally. I am extremely grateful for the experience and highly recommend TruVida to anyone and everyone who is willing to make a positive life transformation.

— Anthony R

I have been to a few recovery rehabs and I am not trying to sell anything to anyone…at 52 years of age addicted to opiates and very untrusting in nature I can with whole heartedly say, if you want help… if you want a real family that cares and isn’t about the all mighty dollar go to Truvida. I went in with a very skeptical view… resistant to everything… the Staff at Truvida didn’t push, shove, belittle, or judge… they loved me like I was one of their own brothers, or family. There are no promises for tomorrow but the support you will find here is answers to the underlying cause of your addiction whatever it might be. They have the latest technology in bio sound and approach to treatment and are constantly improving. The Director and the Staff honestly care, and as addicts we can see right through people… these people are the real deal. The staff and Chef are all part of the whole picture working to give you the best opportunity to become drug and alcohol free… thank you Truvida.

— Tommy B

At over 90 days clean now. Coming from a bad neighborhood in Boston, MA I was very close minded. But this new life all started in August 2016 in Laguna, CA. The treatment center was TruVida and little did I know how lucky I actually was. Not only did I get the tools of recovery in a 5 star facility, but I also made friends for life. Not just with fellow clients but with staff as well. Today I have an open mind and willingness that all started at TruVida. The staff there made me feel so welcome and at home, and gave me the confidence and guidance that was crucial to my survival. I felt more at home there then I ever did 30 years living in Boston. The programming was so life changing with work-out programs, doing art therapy and yoga. I am truly blessed to have landed in such an amazing spot with such amazing people who I immediately trusted. I consider myself truly blessed to have met these people and of had TruVida to be my first California experience. I’ve been to other programs along this journey and nothing compares to TruVida. I recommend it to anyone seeking treatment. I actually helped get my best friend from Boston out here, and he also went through TruVida. I do not have one negative thing to say about TruVida and that says alot! Thank you everyone at TruVida!

— Michael B

Very grateful for TruVida Recovery. I did not know what to expect upon leaving the world of addiction but I’m glad I made the decision. Awesome staff that went above and beyond my expectations. Was able to build a solid foundation to build upon after leaving here. Highly recommended to anyone suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol.

— Silas B

I was well taken care of at Tru Vida, the hospitality was great and I felt at home. When I wanted to give on myself, the staff refused to give up on me. They were super supportive and caring. Tru Vida recovery is a great program to start a new life, and will teach you how to begin putting in the work.

— Christian S

I have had the opportunity to go to Truvida twice, and I would have not wanted to detox anywhere else. I have struggled with my opiate addiction since I was 18 years old. The owners, program director, and staff are people I look up to and still talk to on a regular basis. Everyone at Truvida truly cares and wants the best for their clients. It is a comfortable place where you can truly work on yourself and get every tool you need in order to stay sober. I am forever grateful for Truvida and always will be.

— Alex V

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