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Cocaine is a powerful and addictive drug classified in the government as a high abuse and dependency risk stimulant. Powdered form of the said drug may be inhaled or dissolved in water and then injected directly into a vein. It can also be injected directly into the skin which increases the duration of the high and can also lead to infection. Cocaine dependency include heart problems, including heart attacks, respiratory failure, strokes, digestive problems, other diseases due to the injection of drug in directly into skin, severe skin infections, severe allergic reactions and may even cause death to some individual with the said problem.

Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction

To be able to raise awareness and help those who are in need, we listed down the possible signs and symptoms of a person who may have cocaine addiction as a habit. Loss of the sense of smell may be one of the symptoms caused by the inhalation of cocaine through the nose. Nosebleeds are also common among the symptoms of a cocaine addict due to infection. Difficulty in swallowing, hoarseness of the voice and a chronically runny nose are also a part of the symptoms produced during cocaine addiction.

Cocaine Rehabilitation Treatment

In our inpatient treatment programs, we remove addicts from their old ways of life and place them in a medically supervised treatment facility. We implement care which helps them to eliminate stress by removing the individual from the temptation of using cocaine again and enable the ability to let the client relapse both during the detoxification process and the rehabilitation process. In most inpatient rehabilitation programs, we provide 24-hour medical supervision of all our clients who are related in terms of their addiction problem. Just like any inpatient rehabilitation, we restrict any communication of the clients between their family members to encourage them to communicate more within the community. Over time, once the client has overcome the stages of withdrawal, family members and close friends may start to visit them in limited time only during the family therapy sessions.

Our outpatient programs are very similar to inpatient programs, but instead of placing our clients in a medically supervised community, we allow the clients to return to their perspective homes each night. This enables the client to take care of his/her familial obligations such as caring for their parents or family. The outpatient program we offer is best for the clients with short-lived addictions and is not recommended with clients with long term or serious attachment to the drug or those who are diagnosed with dual conditions.

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