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Designer drugs are drugs that are used loosely to refer to stimulants, hallucinogens or depressants that are produced in the underground labs in the U.S. During the production process, some of these drugs are popularly known as “incense” and “bath salts” is altered to enhance their effects. But even if they are designer drugs, these drugs can still produce dangerous side effects for a person who may have a dangerous attachment to wither one of these drugs. Designer drugs are often used by teens and young adults at clubs, raves, bars and night clubs. And because of the chemical formula changing, many of these drugs has been able to pass through standard drug screening tests.

Symptoms of Designer Drug Addiction

Symptoms of the addiction of designer drugs may be common or unusual to some people in whom we have listed down in cases that family or loved ones may notice the changes and ask for medical help as soon as possible.
Mood changes, physical and psychological addiction may be a part of observed symptoms of one person who may be suffering from addiction. Hypothermia, seizures, heart failures are observed to be one of the life-threatening consequences of a person who is addicted to drugs.

For Treatment in Designer Drug Rehabilitation, We Offer…

Drug detoxification for clients who are diagnosed with long term and serious attachment to the drugs. We provide 24-hour surveillance to help manage the client’s movements and to be able to restrict them from the temptation one may propose.

Inpatient rehabilitation for clients with long term attachment to the drug. We offer the clients a shared community in which we monitor them 24/7 along with other clients with the same addiction problems. This program also allows the client to interact more with the other clients to control temptation and all sorts of negative changes. After the client has showed positive results, we allow the client to go over the boundaries of the shared to community to slowly open to a new environment and exercise the client to an environment where the drug is no longer needed.

Outpatient rehabilitation for clients with short term attachment to the drug. Similar to our inpatient rehabilitation but instead of letting the client stay in a controlled environment, the client is allowed to stay at their perspective homes in cases where the client has a familial obligation or want a familiar environment instead of adapting to a new environment.

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