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Addiction Isn’t the Whole Story

Many of the patients who are enrolled in drug and alcoholic services also struggle with mental health issues, as concluded in the Co-Morbidity of Substance Misuse and Mental Illness Collaborative (COSMIC) study of 2002. They found that 75% of the drug service clients and 85% of alcohol service clients are also undergoing a mental issue while caught on drug or alcohol dependency. This is a condition called dual diagnosis, a fairly common issue among clients but is sometimes failed to be paid attention to by the treatment centers. At TruVida Recovery – Orange County, CA, our personalized approach in treatment care will help you remedy these mental problems while going through the process of sobriety.

Our dual diagnosis treatment is intended to treat not only our client’s addiction problems, but also the underlying psychiatric diagnosis. With this, we are going to make a comprehensive evaluation on our clients as part of the preliminary procedure. Our experienced in-house clinicians are going to help you confront the problems, such as depression, trauma, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. We understand that substance abuse is brought by self-medication, as people try to find the solutions of their problems on their own, so they turn to drugs or alcohol. Seeing that these things seem to solve their problems even for a short run, they will hang on to it as short-term solutions may be better than having none at all.

Our Treatment

Our therapists, counselors and rehab specialists will provide holistic treatment services that will ensure your total recovery. We offer plans that are modified according to the need of each client, and conduct therapies that are physical, psychological, and spiritual in nature. As leading in personalized care, our licensed staff will administer effective, scientifically-based therapies and well-studied methodologies. Aside from that, each client is going to have a personal life coach and sober coach, who will help you in staying on track and becoming motivated in actually pursuing a life of sobriety.

Through our partnering with various insurance providers, we guarantee an easily accessible treatment plan that is safe, systematic, and confidential.

Leading a better life does not start by destroying yourself. In today’s society, mental disorders are tagged with a negative ambiance, because it is not something that can easily be understood. Friends might call your depression a bad day. Loved ones might misunderstand your anxiety as overthinking. If you, or someone you love, are turning into drugs and alcohol as refuge, feel free to Call, Text or Email us now at 949-388-3866, so that we can help.

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