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The internet has become a widely used tool in helping people who are struggling with substance abuse and addiction, by providing comprehensive articles and detailed explanation on what it is about. It has bridged people into wanting to redeem the sober life, however, one’s initiative on researching is not enough. Here, at TruVida Recovery – Orange County, we have tapped the potential of the internet and transformed it into our competitive advantage, to provide you with the best care we can offer.

With our e-therapy treatment services, we remotely reach out to Family members and loved ones of our Clients, when geographic location is a challenge for important Family Therapy.  Because our plans can be fully customized, you will have the freedom to arrange the logistics of the process. With the advancement of technology, we can now hold the sessions via text chats, emails, video-conferences, all in a HIPAA secure and compliant fashion.

Any Time and Anywhere

Even with its limitations, such as the absence of nonverbal communication which can be easily observed in face to face encounters, e-therapies still bear advantages. It is perfect for busy people who are faced with a lot of responsibilities, especially those with work that revolve around the internet. Our Family e-therapies can be held during breaks, or before bedtime—any time that is convenient for you! Through the assessment of our licensed and experienced clinicians on your situation, we will focus on areas in which we will have to work on, one after another.

E-therapy is a new emerging way on helping people transition to the sobriety, without the total restraints of rehabilitation centers and other detoxification programs. Due to its youth as a methodology, comparing it to the established traditional ways of recovery is difficult. However, it does not compromise its effectiveness, because a lot of people have been beneficiaries of our e-therapies.

We’re Here To Help

Here, at TruVida Recovery – Orange County, we can assure that we keep your sessions in utmost confidence. Each session will be one-on-one with our staff, and with their experience in the field, we are sure that you are going to make the most out of it. As a flexible method, we are open to discuss any topic and issue that is helpful to explain what you are going through, and to assist you on your recovery.

If you know someone that we could help using this service, feel free to Call, Text or Email us now, to learn more information about e-therapies and our other available services. We are open 24/7.

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