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Clients are not alone in their journey in transitioning into a new sober life. Most of the time, there are people in the background that affect greatly and influence the client’s progress, or the lack of it. These people, the family members, are usually one of the major supporters of the client. Sometimes, they are the ones who suggest addiction treatment for the betterment of the client’s life. They push the clients to brave through the whole treatment up to its completion. Ultimately, they are the ones who witness the vast difference between how clients lead their lives before and after treatment.

The Family’s Role in Recovery

However, how can a family member help to fulfill his or her role in supporting the client’s recovery? At TruVida Recovery, we make sure to give families their active role in helping our clients. With licensed and competent therapists and psychologists, we offer family therapies that help family members understand things from our client’s perspective, and fully realize what our clients are going through. By letting the family members into the shoes of our clients, we highlight the importance of family relationships in the improvement of their psychological health.

Our family therapies utilize various techniques that are aimed to help build the family’s dynamics. Our in-house psychologists and therapists will give the hands-on therapies, so as to overlook the procedure systematically. We will tackle the family’s interaction processes, and would provide innovative exercises to zoom into the patterns to know how we could use them for the betterment of the clients. After each session, we will process the activities to discern what the members have learned, and we will openly talk about the diagnosis and prognosis of the client to the family members, as an update of the client’s recovery process.

Therapy Methods

At TruVida Recovery, we give families the prerogative in booking our therapies. We acknowledge the varying schedule of the family members, thus, we are open for booking 24/7. Since you are our priority, sessions are tailored to serve each family’s different needs. Aside from the time, the venue and other preparations for the therapy are fully customizable too.  In addition, if key family members do not reside within in a short travel distance to the TruVida Recovery – Orange County CA facility, we can employ the use of remote eTherapy the is HIPAA compliant for security and privacy.

At the end of the program, the family is expected to have stronger dynamics, better collaboration, and improved communication. You will learn how to translate unity as a mere idea into application during the session, and application in real life situations.

Aside from family therapies, TruVida Recovery also offers group and individual therapy. Feel free to Call 949-388-3866, Text or Email us now, for more information.

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