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Our Treatment

TruVida Recovery offers various services that promote the well-being of our clients. We have the complete facilities to support numerous fitness activities that will improve their condition and state of health. We conduct everyday activities including recreation therapy and yoga in order to restore their cognitive function abilities as well as promote the multi benefits acquired from physical exercise. This will give them a new hobby in which they can perform during their spare time instead of going back to those negative activities where they were immersed before.

We also offer nutrition therapy and provide the necessary supplements for each of our client’s needs. We make sure to restore their health and perfect state, and this includes helping them to become healthy – both in and out. We reach this goal by planning out not just their daily healthy activities but also their food and supplement intake. We make sure to serve them with only healthy food consisting of a balanced diet planned out carefully for each client. We evaluate their body needs and plan out what kind of food should be served to them. Not just that, we also provide them with the necessary supplements they need to take every day for their treatment. We thoroughly assist clients towards their health transition and recovery.

Our Focus

At TruVida, we value our client’s welfare. We take a close look on each client’s cases because we believe every one of them has unique needs. In order to work effectively, we work hand in hand with our clients making them feel that we are supporting them and that they are not alone in their journey to recovery. Our fitness and nutrition activities, together with our moral support, care and assistance are carefully planned and laid out according to the needs of each one. We give only the best quality products and services enabling our clients to recover in a fast rate. We provide daily monitoring of their statuses and conduct evaluations until we find them fully recovered and ready to face a new and improved life.

The results of the activities we have conducted will be noticed not only by their families and friends but also by our clients themselves. They will feel good about themselves that they will not think about going back to what they were before.

What We Offer

This is their road to redemption, the road to recovery and a better life. Take a closer look to some of the fitness and nutrition services TruVida offers which are the following:


  • Recreation Therapy
    Recreation therapies are a great help to our clients on their road to recovery. We design various activities for them to participate to in order for them to acquire new skills, coping tools, and hobbies, in which they will be able to apply in life after treatment.
  • Nutrition
    We help to manage our clients nutritional needs through providing a healthy and balanced diet.  Our culinary staff works to provide health yet delicious meals which are customized according to the individual needs of each client.
  • Yoga
    Yoga can be a good early strengthening activity during the early stages of recovery, when the client’s body is often weak.  Yoga helps focus the body and mind, and often provides much needed relaxation at same time. This is conducted in a peaceful environment in which there is no distraction from anything.
  • Vitamins
    Vitamins are supporting forces on the uplifting of a person’s state of health. We work with each client to provide necessary vitamins to assist them in their road to physical and mental recovery

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