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Being able to accomplish rehabilitation may be a triumphant feat, but a possibility that lies after may pose a serious problem that could make everything go back to square one—relapse. Though physical dependency may have been cured, psychological dependency might still be present. One way to aid this future problem is enrolling in an aftercare program.

A Safe Space

As social beings who desire for company of others, people may be deemed to work better when exposed to other people. As part of TruVida Recovery’s mission to provide the highest level of personal care, we offer group therapy services for clients, for them to be able to fully eradicate addiction while receiving and giving support to their peers who undergo the same problems too.

To ensure the best treatment and dynamic group size, we only cater to 12 rehabilitation clients at a time. In group therapies, each one will be able to participate and offer their inputs well. Together with the licensed and competent practitioners in TruVida Recovery, various group therapy techniques will be used to ensure effectiveness for the clients. These sessions run three times a week to as long as the practitioners deem needed by the clients.

You Are Not Alone

Group therapies offered at TruVida Recovery are interactive, substantial, and efficient. First, peers will be evaluated based on their needs before beginning the sessions. Each session will be composed of different collaborative activities. Such may include music, art, games, and yoga, among others. At the end of each session is a group processing, in which members of the group will share their reflections and introspective thoughts that they have gathered from the session. As we value confidentiality among our works, everything that has conspired in the therapies will not be shared outside.

Through group therapies, clients will be able to learn new skills, relearn old ones, and simply express oneself in therapeutic ways. Because group members are peers who are sharing the same end goal—to be able to live a life of sobriety—they will be able to support each other on the way. Group therapies, serving as an outlet for our clients’ personal growth, are one of the crucial steps are needed to be taken to be free from addiction.

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Aside from group therapies, TruVida Recovery offers other therapies such as family and individual therapies. For more information, feel free to Call, Text or Email us now. We are ready to help you out, 24/7.

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