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With clients coming from different walks of life, at TruVida Recovery, we also recognize that they are going to different walks to recovery. The varying lifestyle of our clients leads to their varying needs, and we have the solution for these different needs.

We Are Certified

Through the help of our adept licensed psychologists and therapists, and certified AOD counselors, we offer individual therapies.  The TruVida program provides routine counseling sessions as well as customized counseling sessions modified based on the client’s specifications. These therapies aim to improve the client’s quality of life by helping them to engage in self-awareness processes and attain self-actualization. First, we will tackle on the issue of the origin of the abuse and its discriminative stimuli. By identifying these triggers, we will understand more on why clients have undergone such predicament. Then, we will introduce techniques on how to reject the triggers and avoid them altogether.

We Are With You

Once done, we will guide our clients to participate in activities that will improve their psychological well-being. These activities are done based on the evaluation of the client, meaning, we tailor our therapies according to his or her general interests. These may include arts, music, yoga, mindfulness-based, and happiness exercises, among others. By doing this, we trash the usual plain and boring therapies. We introduce new, pleasant experiences that will aid your self-growth, inspire your creativity, and make you look forward for the next session.

Here at TruVida Recovery, we are proud to have experienced therapists and psychologists who are well-versed in their fields to serve our clients well. As humanists who are continually researching on ways to improve on their craft, they employ modern techniques that guarantee effectiveness for the clients. Using the results of your initial evaluation, we will customize a plan that is geared towards your needs. According to your progress, updates will be continually made to make sure that you undergo the most comprehensive, efficient, and effective path to recovery.

Your Ally for Sobriety

We understand the challenge that the process of breaking free from addiction brings, and that is why we are here to help you on your way. With our compassionate staff and custom plans, we will ensure that you are going to have the excellent treatment you deserve, as this is what we adhere to at TruVida Recovery.

If you are interested, or know someone that might be interested, do not hesitate to call TruVida Recovery – Orange County at 949-388-3866 for more information. We are willing to help you 24/7, but first, you must be willing to help yourself.

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