Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

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TruVida Wellness is the Outpatient division of TruVida Recovery.  Their experienced  Clinical team and trained Staff,  dedicate their efforts to the mission critical recovery treatment of Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) treatment.  PHP actually does not occur in a hospital setting, but typically takes place in an office setting that is licensed with the California Department of Heath Care Services. This insures that all important continuum of care from medically assisted detox, through to outpatient maintenance, and beyond.


Our Facilities

Each of these PHP and IOP facilities have designed unique and effective outpatient rehabilitation services that aim to help you transition to the goal of living a life of sobriety. No two people are alike, and with these varied strategic alliances in place, TruVida we be able to recommend 1 to 3 IOP centers that will be a best match for a particular client’s addiction, personality and progress.


Our affiliate outpatient treatment programs are modified based on your schedule and specifications. Handled by licensed and competent professionals, these IOP facilities assure an efficient and effective process to recovery. Many of these IOP programs can be fully customized, so you can choose  feasible arrangements to give you ample time to take care of responsibilities outside treatment.


The Start of the Journey

Before starting the program, clients will talk to our clinicians for them to determine a full bio-psychosocial analysis. Taking into account the client’s work, family history and relationships, physical and mental health, substance/s used, developmental stage, and other variables, we will design a rehab plan that are based on the results of the assessment.


In these affiliate IOP programs, you will be working hand in hand with a specialist who will give you a close and personalized supervision as you progress. Interactive and substantial activities that address your treatment plan will be provided. Depending on your plan, you will be exposed to therapies that will promote self-growth, creativity, and catharsis. These include group therapies, family therapies, and educational talks, among others.


The Process for Treatment

Each week, you will be updated on your milestone, and the plan will be modified based on your progress. Since we highlight on personalized care, we will remind you through text or e-mail your next schedule, and we will send you encouraging things to help you stay on track. We make sure that you maximize our treatment programs, to help you achieve the sobriety safely and systematically. During your treatment at IOP,  assistance can be offered to establish a Sober Living arrangement if needed. After the IOP program, our patients are encouraged to attend in our aftercare programs, to make sure you stay on the track to long-term recovery.


At TruVida Wellness, we want you to attain the life that you deserve. We know that it is not easy, that is why we are here to help you on your way. Addiction is definitely a hard chain to break, and we do not want to see it breaking you instead. Call TruVida Recovery & TruVida Wellness – Orange County at 949-388-3866 for more information about our treatment programs. We are here to help you, 24/7.

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