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What Is It?

Smart Recovery is the leading, evidenced based non-12 Step self-empowering addiction recovery support system. Participants learn tools for addiction recovery based on the latest scientific research and participate in a world-wide community which includes free, self-empowering, science-based mutual help groups. Smart Recovery is a 4-Point Program of Self Management and Recovery Training that helps individuals gain independence from addiction.

The Smart Recovery 4-Point Program incorporates the following:

  1. Building and Maintaining Motivation
  2. Coping with Urges
  3. Managing Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors
  4. Living a Balanced Life

Multi-Faceted and Suited To Your Needs

SMART Recovery recognizes that participants may be in one or more of various stages of change and that different exercises may be helpful at different stages.  The 6 basic stages of Smart recovery are:

  • Pre-contemplation – At this stage, the participant may not realize that they have a problem.
  • Contemplation – The participant evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of the addiction by performing a cost/benefit analysis.
  • Determination/Preparation – The participant decides to pursue personal change, and may complete a Change Plan Worksheet.
  • Action – The participant seeks out new ways of handling their addiction behavior. This can include self-help, the support of addiction help group or professional guidance.
  • Maintenance – After a few months, the participant’s behavior has been changed and now seeks to maintain their gains.
  • Graduation/Exit – Once a participant has sustained a long period of change, they may choose to move on with their lives and “graduate” from SMART Recovery.

No two recovery processes are alike, and every circumstance is different. Acknowledging this fact, we understand that every person undergoes recovery in a different manner, and copes with challenges in a different method. At TruVida Recovery, we take into account the varying personalities and attitudes of our clients before modifying our treatment programs. Being a radical and modern treatment center, we provide services that par with the current trend of treatments—the Smart Recovery non 12-step recovery program.

Focused on You

Our Smart Recovery program is perfect for clients who are uncomfortable with religion and spiritual matters that are introduced in 12-step, and are uneasy with sharing experiences with strangers. Veering towards scientific approaches, non 12-step programs are more apt for clients with personality structure that do not mix with the well-established 12-step programs.

As leaders in personalized care treatment, we always modify our rehabilitation services based on the assessments of our clients. We take you as our priority, and we want you to maximize our services. With this, we offer inpatient and outpatient programs, and emphasize on providing holistic treatments for you. We want you to grow out of your old self and become a better functioning individual.
With the help of our certified clinicians, we will design your program together. As part of preliminary procedures, we will have a thorough look on your history, and gather evidences that will help in creating the plan. Because our program is based on the principles of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, we will focus on your actions, thought patterns, and triggers that led to your addiction. Once we have identified the sources of addiction, we will treat them appropriately, ensuring no harm in your mental health in the process. Different recreational, educational, and scientifically based procedures will be introduced as you go along in our program, until you fully realize that your dependency is caused by the circumstances that happened in your life.

Our Mission

We want you to accept yourself, grow as an individual who will be strong enough to beat your addiction, and become even stronger in the future by preventing it to happen again. We will highlight on your strong points, and work with your weak ones. With the help of medicine and your support system, you are going to emerge victorious in the battle of becoming sober.

If you are interested in this new way of transitioning into sobriety, Call or Text TruVida Recovery – Orange County today at 949-388-3866. We are here to help.

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