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Opting for professional help is essential in sustaining a healthy recovery process. Some people begin their journey at an inpatient facility, and others start with the outpatient program. Others transition from an inpatient program to their daily life when they get a grip on a healthy mind and body. It is possible to combine both treatments when you transition from an inpatient program to an outpatient one.

In 2012, 2.5 million people sought treatment at substance abuse recovery centers. Less than eleven percent of the population enrolled in an inpatient program. The study concluded that the choice between an inpatient and outpatient program was a personal one for most patients. Patients who transitioned to an outpatient program found bliss in the rehab facility and wanted to maintain a positive trajectory by enrolling in an outpatient program. 

What is the goal of transitioning to an outpatient program?

The proven therapy programs and evidence-based treatments at our outpatient alcohol rehab in Southern California provide holistic healing. The objective of shifting from an inpatient to an outpatient program will manifest in the following ways:

  • Achieving a strong mental foundation and awareness against the dangers of relapsing
  • Developing a more focused sense of direction and independent sobriety
  • Developing helpful connections in a safe and controlled environment

Tips on transitioning from an inpatient to an outpatient program


You should collect advice from professionals at TruVida Recovery before moving out for an outpatient package. Talk to the counselors and doctors for the exact detail of excellent aftercare so that you have an education perception of what to expect.

Use the advice to map out a plan that will sustain your sober life. Write down the essential phone numbers, websites, and other resources so that you have easy access when in dire need.

Organize continued care

Continuing with the treatment in the outdoors is essential. It is, however, better for you to arrange for constant care after rehab by organizing your days to include counseling, group meetings, and a supportive network.

Do not assume that most people attend meetings because of a court order. A majority who resent the idea of an outpatient alcohol rehab program soon realize its benefits and give in to its seriousness. Applying the helpful advice of peers at group meetings and the professionals in attendance will help you nurture a sustainable comfort zone.

Create a routine

Living in addiction will deprive you of energy and consume excess time. Set up your routine to include the starting and end time of your day. Add in the regular sessions of your day, such as work and meetings, to maintain a healthy dose of pride in accomplishing goals. Other worthwhile activities, like biking, housework, and volunteering, will help you stay creative and energetic.

Most importantly, mark the time you should attend follow-up care, doctor visits, and other appointments at our alcohol rehab in Southern California. You will soon memorize the schedule and learn to tweak it for additional helpful plans like attending essential social gatherings.



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