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Compare programs at TruVida Recovery with other alcohol treatment centers in Orange County to see why we have become one of the most trusted rehabs in SoCal. If you need help battling an addiction to alcohol, you’ll find our programs very effective in achieving long-term recovery. No treatment center has more to offer than TruVida Recovery. Reach out to our staff 24-hours a day to find answers, hope, and programs designed to fit your lifestyle. We have inpatient and outpatient options available so every patient can find their path to wellness beyond our doors.

Do I Need Treatment For Alcohol Addiction?

Addiction to alcohol is not as easy to identify as drug addiction. Since alcohol is a legal drug, abusing alcohol often goes overlooked and is even acceptable among family and in social situations. If you suspect that your own alcohol consumption has gotten out of hand or you believe a family member needs to get help for their drinking, contact our team from TruVida Recovery for more information. We can provide free resources that make it easier to determine whether intervention and treatment are necessary- and we have numerous programs available to treat alcoholism.

Is Alcohol Addiction Treatment Necessary?

Have you seen an alcoholic’s behavior laughed at or brushed aside as though it were unimportant? Interestingly, most people don’t react the same way to a drug addict’s behavior. Yet an alcoholic in the midst of a bender is every bit as out of control of their body and mental faculties as someone abusing drugs- and alcohol is just as addictive as drugs. Left untreated, an alcoholic will most likely continue with their addictive behavior for the rest of their life. Just a few of the damaging effects of long-term alcohol use include:

  • Irreversible damage to the body, including the brain
  • Alcohol is a leading cause of death among teens and adults
  • Binge drinking can be fatal
  • Alcohol withdrawal at home can be dangerous- even lethal
  • Alcohol kills more teens than all other drugs combined
  • Recovery from alcoholism is possible under the right program
  • Alcoholism is a possibility regardless of social status, wealth, or upbringing
  • Drinking too much will eventually kill you

Is Recovery For Alcoholism Realistic?

With the right treatment, recovery is entirely possible for an alcoholic. Some addicts believe they've been drinking for too long to start a treatment program, but the fact is, intervention and treatment are highly effective. At TruVida Recovery, we look for the underlying cause of alcoholism and treat that, as well as the addiction. Our dual diagnosis program is one of the best in the nation and is what has made us one of the best alcohol treatment centers in Orange County. Speak with our staff about placement in our detox, residential, or outpatient program; don’t wait. Live representatives from TruVida Recovery await your phone call or live chat communication.

Choose Treatment, Choose Hope

A brand new life awaits just over the horizon- a life without the damaging effects of alcohol impacting every aspect of your daily routine and stealing your future. Make a phone call right now that will change everything. Call one of the most reputable alcohol treatment centers in Orange County- TruVida Recovery.

Alcohol Treatment Centers Orange County
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