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Drug Addiction Southern California

At TruVida Recovery, we help individuals overcome drug addiction with a team of dedicated, compassionate, and expert clinical staff and therapists. We offer personalized care and follow customized treatment plans for drug addiction in Southern California.

Importance of drug addiction treatment

Long term use of drugs can severely compromise your overall health and lead to fatal consequences. It is important to seek treatment in the early stages of addiction to prevent irreversible damage to vital body organs. Furthermore, substance abuse can lead to psychological disorders like depression, anxiety, OCD, bipolar disorder, and other disorders over time.

At our facility, we offer comprehensive treatment for drug addiction in Southern California at affordable prices. We also train patients on essential coping skills to help them deal with triggers, cravings, and stressful situations after treatment.

What happens after rehab?

While completing the rehab program is a major accomplishment, maintaining the newly attained sobriety is a lifelong process that requires determination, perseverance, and mindfulness. It is unfair to assume that a 30 or 90-day program can solve all your problems. Nevertheless, an inpatient rehab program paves the way for a fresh start, after which you must create a relapse plan to stay focused on recovery. For starters, the initial few weeks after inpatient rehab can be extremely stressful and intimidating. Staying close to family, friends, and loved ones can help you sail smoothly through this rather challenging phase.

You can also choose to stay at a sober living home until you feel confident enough to take care of yourself in the outside world. Another healthy take on life after rehab is to get rid of old friends that encouraged the use of drugs. Build a new social circle around sober friends to sustain your sobriety in the long term. Furthermore, build a healthy routine with exercise, creative hobbies, and eat a well-balanced diet to keep your mind and body fit.

Role of biofeedback therapy in addiction treatment

Biofeedback therapy is a type of psychotherapy that helps recovering addicts regain control over their mind and body. Medical professionals use special electronic sensors to receive “feedback” on the individuals' “bio” signs and use this information to teach effective relaxation exercises. These exercises help individuals control the way they respond and react to stressful situations, triggers, and cravings.

Biofeedback therapy is highly effective in addiction treatment, as it helps recovering addicts establish a connection between their involuntary body functions and triggering situations. By having control over these involuntary functions during times of distress, recovering addicts can overcome cravings and handle triggers in a calm and composed manner. This therapy also helps control withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting drugs or alcohol.

Get in touch with one of us at TruVida Recovery today to seek help for drug addiction in Southern California. We offer highly effective treatments and therapies like DBT, biofeedback therapy, CBT, 12-step programs, etc. that equips our patients to lead a healthy, fulfilling, and drug-free life after rehab treatment.

Drug Addiction Southern California
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