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Addictive substances (drugs or alcohol) change the body's psychological and physical functioning. When individuals continue substance use, they experience a level of dependence. Once someone is dependent on addictive substances, they will experience uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal if they stop consuming the substance.  

Drugs or alcohol withdrawal symptoms are sometimes so unpleasant that the individual might return to the substance abused, which can be dangerous. Detox can help patients manage their drugs or alcohol withdrawal symptoms before they move to the next stage of recovery. But "How long does it take to detox from drug addiction?" 

Drug Withdrawal Timeline

Dealing with withdrawal symptoms is part of the detoxification process. When someone decides to stop taking a substance that their body has depended on, they may start experiencing withdrawal symptoms that vary depending on the type of substance the person has become dependent on.  

The severity and length of drug withdrawal symptoms vary from one person to the other. Some substances leave the body quicker than others, causing withdrawal symptoms to develop within a few hours of consuming the last dose. Other factors that influence the duration and intensity of withdrawal symptoms include the method of consumption (such as smoking, injecting, swallowing, or snorting), the length of abuse, the dosage, the person's physical and mental health, and the person's family history.

The Drug Detox Process

Detoxing alone can be difficult and even dangerous. Therefore, it is helpful to detox through a medically supervised center to make withdrawal safer and manageable. The benefit of detoxing through a medically supervised center is that the person will have access to 24/7 medical support and monitoring.

However, there are several options available for drug detox, and there are many approaches to detox. Patients have the opportunity to undergo inpatient or outpatient detox at a treatment center. Inpatient treatment is best for patients who are detoxing from drugs with more severe withdrawal symptoms. Someone who is addicted to opioids or benzodiazepines should always undergo medical detox through a medically supervised center to ensure that the substance abused is safely removed from their body. 

What Comes After Detox

Detox is an essential step toward sobriety, and shouldn't be skipped. Once detox is complete, patients will need to know how to maintain their newfound sobriety. There are wide ranges of substance abuse and rehab programs to choose from, at least one of which can fit into your lifestyle.

Is Detox Enough to Recover From Addictive Substances?

It's easy to prepare yourselves to complete the detox process, but it's essential to know that detox is only the first step in the recovery process. Ongoing support and psychological counseling are necessary to recover from an addiction to drugs. If you or someone close to you is struggling with drugs or alcohol addiction, TruVida Recovery can help. We are Orange County's premier safe detox and drugs and alcohol addiction treatment facility. Contact us now to learn more about our approach to treating drugs and alcohol addiction and how we can help you overcome the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.



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