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Drug Rehab Orange County

Making sure that you choose the right drug rehab in Orange County for yourself or a loved one is crucial. This could be one of the more critical choices that will ever be made in your lifetime, so you need to choose wisely. The good news is that there are viable options in the area filled with caring personnel who are ready to help you or your loved one get back onto a sober, happy, and healthy path. 

What Does Drug Rehab in Orange County Consist Of? 

A drug rehabilitation program will vary from one to the next, and treatment will often depend on the patient. However, these are programs that will provide a structured plan and allow the participant to go through detox, followed by behavioral therapy, while learning a variety of life skills to help them stay sober and clean. It will depend on the facility, but many will have a combination of one or more common therapies and treatment models. Patients will often undergo monitoring for the initial phases of detox and go through a series of counseling sessions, both in group form as well as one-on-one. 

What is Residential Treatment for Substance Abuse?

Residential treatment is often called an inpatient recovery program. These programs require that the patient checks into a controlled environment as a way to work on overcoming their troubles with addiction. A patient may be able to stay at a clinic that is fully-staffed and offers emotional support as well as 24-hour medical care. It will all depend on their needs and the type of substance(s) they are trying to overcome.

How Long is Rehab For?

There is often a question regarding the right amount of time for someone to spend in a rehabilitation facility. Taking a look at recent statistics, the longer that a patient can remain in treatment, the better the outcome tends to be. Drug rehab in Orange County will range in length. Some programs may be as short as 28 days in length, while others will last for about 90 days or even longer. When you go through a 30-day treatment program, this is essentially the beginning phase to allow the patient to get started on the path to overcoming their addiction.

Addiction to drugs and/or alcohol can be a terrible condition that is very tough to overcome. People who go through the steps will need to work for a lifetime to maintain all of their hard work as they achieve sobriety. It is essential that you know that the more time and care that you take to find the best facility, the more confidence you will have that the outcome will be what you expect.

We would love to talk with you and your loved ones about all that we have to offer at TruVida Recovery as a reputable drug rehab in Orange County. We feature an integrated approach that includes holistic wellness, along with medical care and mental health treatment. If you would like to learn more about our facility and how our program works, you can get in touch with a member of our intake team to go over the details.

Drug Rehab Orange County
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