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Nobody wants to think that they or a loved one will need to be checked into a drug rehabilitation facility. However, when a problem arises, it is best to make sure that you are fully informed and that you have the clear mind necessary to pick the right facility. There are a lot of common questions that addicts and their families will have when it comes to drug rehab and the entire process.

Being able to recognize the signs of drug addiction will be the first step toward getting proper treatment. There will be a variety of behavioral signs, including disregard for others, loss of control, and even denying that there is even a problem at all. There can also be several physical signs like unusual body odors, eyes that are bloodshot or the pupils are small or enlarged, poor physical coordination, and sudden weight gain or loss. 

What Does Rehab Consist Of? 

When someone enters into a drug rehab in Southern California, there is a structured plan in place that allows for safe, effective detoxification. Participants will also undergo behavioral therapy along with the ability to learn life skills that help them throughout their journey to stay sober and clean. There may be a wider range of common treatment models as well as therapies available depending on the facility. 

What Is Drug Assessment? 

With a drug assessment, or substance abuse assessment, this is a process used to help identify the level or extent of drug misuse or abuse. Many facilities will use the assessment as a helpful tool that determines the best course of action for treating the patient dealing with addiction or substance abuse.

What Is Residential Treatment For Substance Abuse? 

With an inpatient or residential treatment center, these programs will require the patient to be checked in for treatment. This is a controlled environment staffed by counselors and medical professionals that help the participant to overcome addiction. Most of the time, patients will be staying in a facility where they have 24-hour care and monitoring to help with both emotional and medical support.

What Should I Bring To Residential Treatment? 

When entering into any sort of drug rehab in Southern California, it is best to look at the guidelines given by the facility to determine what is best to bring with you. Generally speaking, you will need to bring your driver’s license or picture identification, prescription card, and insurance card. Other items should include comfortable clothing, toiletries, medications, reading materials, list of phone numbers, and other personal items. 

Do you need help finding the best drug rehab in Southern California? We would love to talk with you at TruVida Recovery. We have an admissions helpline that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your convenience. You will find all of the information and assistance you need when trying to find help for yourself or a loved one dealing with alcohol abuse, substance abuse, or both. You can look to us for family counseling, private treatment, healthy meals, and a wide range of proven therapies all while staying in our beautiful facility.

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