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Going through a rehabilitation program is necessary in order to overcome drug addiction. Many patients who complete rehab successfully are able to get their lives back on track and stay away from the substances of abuse in the future. If you’re looking for the best drug rehabs in Southern California, we are here for you. At TruVida Recovery, we help our clients gain independence from drugs or alcohol, and equip them with skills to help them maintain their sobriety.

How Can Drug Abuse Affect Your Life?

Drug abuse can quickly start to affect your physical and psychological health, and can also affect your social and work life in the following ways:

  • Ruins Relationships – When you begin abusing drugs, your relationships with family, friends, and colleagues deteriorates. One reason for that is because intoxication makes you easily agitated and aggressive, affecting how you interact with those close to you. In addition, you will develop a habit of lying to keep your drug problem a secret, which will break the trust you had with your loved ones.
  • Neglecting Duties – Your work performance and school attendance will suffer when you become dependent on drugs. This is because, during addiction, the drug becomes your main priority. You’ll also find yourself neglecting family responsibilities since all you care about is satisfying your drug cravings.
  • Poor Health – Many people with a drug addiction disorder end up neglecting their physical health. It may begin with the negligence of personal hygiene, then develop to poor eating habits. When you abuse drugs for long, toxins are introduced into your body, which affect organs such as the liver and lungs, causing medical complications.

The Importance of Drug Rehab

Drug rehab is recommended for people with a drug use disorder because:

  • Rehabilitation helps a person with substance use disorder to break free from their drug dependence and regain control of their lives. Rehab usually begins with detoxification, followed by treatment programs that allow a patient to develop habits and coping skills that will help them to lead a life free from drugs.
  • Rehabs have counseling programs that enable individuals with an addiction disorder to deal with some of the issues that may have driven them to abuse drugs or alcohol. Counseling addresses the underlying causes, which can be quite useful in preventing relapse once a person is done with treatment.

How Long Does Drug Rehab Last?

The time it takes to complete rehab depends on the type of treatment program. There are various options, including outpatient and residential. Detoxification is a treatment that may take the least time, lasting between 3 days to about eight weeks. That said, the duration of detox depends on the substance of abuse; for instance, alcohol detox may take a fairly short amount of time, while treatment for benzodiazepines’ addiction can take much longer.

Outpatient treatments might last up to 60 days, while inpatient can take three months. However, it’s important not to place a fixed time-line for your rehab. Instead, allow your progress to dictate how long you need to receive treatment. If you have a dual diagnosis, rehab may take even longer as both the addiction and co-occurring disorder have to be treated simultaneously.

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If you're looking for drug rehabs in Southern California for opioids, cocaine, meth, Xanax, or heroin addictions, we can help. Call us today on (877) 228-1102 to reach out and talk out to one of our health care professionals. All the information you share with our staff at TruVida Recovery is kept confidential.

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