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At TruVida Recovery, we inspire hope and empower change for lasting recovery. Our drug treatment in Orange County follows an integrated approach, and we offer personalized addiction treatment and care in a safe and supportive environment.

Is detox mandatory to overcome addiction?

Yes, detox is crucial to safely and effectively overcome drug or alcohol abuse. Medical detox is a process where a licensed physician uses certain drugs to remove toxic substances off your body. Detox is the primary step in addiction treatment, and it prepares your mind and body for the counseling sessions, psychological therapies, and other treatments during your stay in rehab.

Drug detox helps overcome the withdrawal symptoms in a pain-free, calm, and composed manner. Individuals who suffer from moderate to severe addiction to alcohol or drugs must undergo detox to overcome their substance dependency effectively. In spite of drug detox, you may still experience certain withdrawal symptoms for a few days or weeks. The length of withdrawal depends on factors like substance abused, length of addiction, the severity of dependence, etc. We offer the best drug treatment in Orange County at an affordable price with a team of highly skilled physicians, therapists, and nurses.

Learning to avoid temptations

After rehab treatment, it is essential to create a relapse plan to stay focused on sobriety. Stay close to family after your time at rehab and get the help of a supportive family member to get rid of objects and things that remind you of your drug abuse days. Stay away from people that once encouraged your drug-abusing behavior. Build a new social circle and hang out with sober friends.

Continue attending the after-care programs at your rehab center at least once a week. Discuss your challenges, shortcomings, and progress to a therapist to stay focused on sobriety. Lastly, build a routine with regular exercise, proper diet, and healthy hobbies to avoid cravings and triggers.

EMDR in addiction treatment

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy) is an effective treatment in addiction treatment that helps process trauma through sporadic visual stimulation. We use this therapy to help patients reprocess the way a traumatic memory is stored in their mind and try to reduce the intense feelings associated with such memories.

EMDR is highly effective in addiction treatment because there is a relation in the rhythm of an individual's eye movements and their traumatic memory. During an EMDR session, we encourage our patients to recall their traumatic events and use certain techniques to rewire these memories. EMDR treatment involves 8 phases:

  • Phase 1 - Patient identifies their emotional distress
  • Phase 2 - We encourage patients to recall the imagery of their traumatic events and introduce them to stress reduction techniques
  • Phases 3 to 6 - We invite patients to identify disturbing self-beliefs, vivid visuals, and emotional draining emotions
  • Phases 7 & 8 - We teach self-calming techniques and track patient progress with each session.

TruVida Recovery is a top-rated facility for drug treatment in Orange County. Call or visit us for more details on how to help your loved one overcome addiction. 

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