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Detox is a complicated process that will require you to get through gauntlets of physical and mental obstacles. The reward of the process is the freedom to live a life free of chemical and biological binding. TruVida centers have a three-day detox plan with high completion rates without the requirement for you to spend a day in the hospital.

Our team will perform all the necessary diagnostic and supportive treatments to get you through the heroin detox in Laguna Hills. The day of the detox will usually include administration of heavy medication like Tylenol to help with muscle cramps and Pedialyte to annihilate dehydration.

The typical lengths of detox procedures are three, five, and seven days. The determinant of the periods is the type of drug one uses and the intensity of the addiction. Some practitioners will put you under general anesthesia so that you will sleep through the withdrawal symptoms.

A three-day detox is the most affordable detox plan because it requires minimal resources. It is also the most viable choice for people who have commitments like family or a job that needs their presence. Prepping yourself for the physical changes gives your body better chances of recovery. Most of the procedures are, however, executable by people who undertake an outpatient heroin detox in Laguna Hills.

Process of a three-day detox

Day one

The detox will make your muscles ache and give your skin a creepy-crawly feeling. Try laying in a fetal position and taking hot baths or showers to deal with painful muscles. Benadryl will relieve your skin of the numbing itches and

Day two

The second day will have increased dehydration and loss off energy. You will sweat more, experience bouts of cold and flashes, diarrhea, and vomiting. Replenishing the lost energy will keep you healthy enough to complete the three-day detox plan.


Drink plenty of water and take drinks with electrolytes throughout the day.


Try eating easily digestible foods like fruits or yogurt to replenish the lost energy. Eating fiber will stabilize your body’s insulin and cause a significant reduction of insulin and glucose. Blend some kales into the juice and pair it with a light sandwich.


Check with your doctor before taking certain supplements in tandem. There are three forms of supplements to help the stabilization of blood sugar.

  • Resveratrol – It helps the body release the usual amount of fatty acids required to assist in controlling the blood sugar level
  • Berberine – The supplement helps in the maintenance of blood sugar and weight. It also protects the body against sudden shocks from stroke and seizures
  • Chromium – The mineral helps the normal functioning of insulin


Sleep has a significant effect on blood sugar. The insulin levels stay the same when one sleeps and decreases during a sleep-deprived night. Consequentially, the body retains a higher amount of blood sugar and causes a spike that risks your life during the detox procedure.

Day three

The third day will have the peak of physical symptoms. Intensifying all the treatment options from the second day will give you comfort as you wind the detox program. Do not hesitate to call us if your symptoms worsen.


heroin detox Laguna Hills
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