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Heroin gained great recognition in 1874 when it was marketed as a cough suppressant. In 1924, however, it was censored as illegal and is now considered a schedule 1 substance. Schedule 1 substances have a high potential for abuse and don’t have an accepted medical use currently. The abuse and eventual addiction to heroin are brought about by two main factors.

First, heroin influences the production of endorphins and dopamine in the brain, which are feel-good chemicals. Heroin contains sedative and analgesic qualities that easily diminish emotional and physical pain, instead offering pleasurable euphoria. Second, heroin withdrawal symptoms can be severe, and many users opt to continue using the drug to avoid experiencing the symptoms of withdrawal. Medical detox has, however, made it easier and more comfortable to pursue sobriety by providing medication to treat the withdrawal symptoms.

TruVida Recovery offers medical supervision for heroin detox in Laguna Niguel. Additionally, we have created groups that provide moral support to clients on their journey to overcoming heroin addiction.

What Do the Terms Addiction, Tolerance, and Dependence Mean?

Tolerance is the diminished response experienced after repeatedly using a drug. When a person uses heroin over time, they might no longer respond to the drug as they initially did. That means it would require a higher dosage of heroin to achieve the same level of high initially achieved.

Heroin dependence, on the other hand, is the reliance on heroin by the body to function as normal.  Heroin addiction is the dire need for heroin that it becomes the primary focus in life. Consequently, one could be tolerant and dependent and yet not addicted to heroin. A person becomes addicted when they’re unable to do without heroin and would do anything to have it.

Can Medical Detox Successfully Treat Heroin Addiction?

Heroin medical detox can take anywhere between 3 to 5 days. After that, most patients leave feeling cleaner and sober. This step alone may not completely treat heroin addiction, and patients are advised to transition to addiction treatment programs immediately to avoid relapsing.

Reason for Heroin Addiction Treatment

Many heroin users attempt to stop using the drug without formal treatment. However, heroin withdrawal symptoms are immediate and debilitating. Enduring anxiety, vomiting, nervousness, depression, shaking, and agitation are some of the symptoms experienced. The withdrawal symptoms can be quite challenging, and one may feel an inclination to use the drug again just to stop the symptoms, even though they started with a strong resolve to quit using. Individuals who relapse often overdose as they do not realize that their tolerance level is much lower than before.

Although heroin withdrawal symptoms are expected to subside after a week, it’s possible to experience them months after the last use. Such reasons make it crucial to receive medical heroin detox and heroin addiction treatment.

At TruVida Recovery, we’re highly experienced and fully equipped to help you abstain successfully and overcome the mental and physical addiction to heroin.

Get Professional Help for Heroin Addiction

If you or your loved one needs heroin detox in Laguna Niguel, contact us at 877 (228)-1102. We will help you overcome your addiction and live a healthy life.

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