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The withdrawal symptoms of Opiates last for months without proper medical support. The addiction is severe and affects people in a myriad of forms. The real kicker is one does not hit rock bottom as soon as they enter the phase of addiction. It is potentially surprising when one begins to realize how consuming opiates causes a spiral deformation of the mind and body.

There are several protocols and methods for executing an opiate detox. The first recorded technique was by Loimer in 1988. The ultrarapid approach accelerates the detox with the use of antagonist medications while the patient is under anesthesia. One needs to understand all the different ways of rapid detox solutions before checking in to a facility that offers a low level of medical care.

Accelerated opiate detox

Weismann method

One great rapid opiate detox is the Weismann method. It began operating in the 90s in a private firm in Southern California. Thousands of people have since gained great success in recovery. Patients regain a healthy life within days and experience less diminished withdrawal symptoms.

The Weismann method follows a responsible and experienced strategy that addresses several adverse bodily events. The medical professionals evaluate the post-detox retreat to maintain consistent results. You can trust our rehab treatment center to have the necessary information about detox programs regarding safety mechanisms, risks, and complications.

How does rapid detox work?

The accelerated formula of detox is an outpatient program that follows a stringent method of application. The medical team will determine whether the candidate is a good fit for the process after keeping the patient off the narcotics for at least eight to sixteen hours. They will then administer medications and clinical care to manage the symptoms.

The final day of the detox typically involves fasting after midnight and taking a dose of sedatives to minimize the aftermath. The patient will stay in a comfortable room for us to manage the detox effects. A stable patient will be viable for release after an administration of Naltrexone therapy with the Naltrexone implant.

What is the price of an accelerated opiate detox?

Rehab centers base their costs on different factors, such as the specific type of opiate the patient was using and the chosen drug rehab facility. We have t least twenty-one detox centers with high professionalism and well-stocked resources. Our opiate detox in Lake Forest is financeable by most insurance companies, such as Beacon, Humana, Multiplan, and TriWest. 

What is the success rate of an opiate detox program?

The University of Colorado states that twenty-five percent of Opiate users are likely to die from the abuse within one and two decades. While rapid opiate detox in Lake Forest is a relatively new, some practitioners hail it as a miracle that delivers fast results.

It is, however, essential to note that detox alone is not sufficient to keep you off the drug for an extended period. Consider joining any of our outpatient or inpatient programs to learn more about possible stressors, triggers, and cravings that will lead you back to active addiction.


opiate detox Lake Forest
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