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Opiate Detox Mission Viejo

Addiction is a disease that can strike any type of person from any walk of life. There are environmental factors that can increase a person’s chances of succumbing to addiction, but these factors do not guarantee a person will suffer from addiction. There are many different types of addiction that people can fall victim to. Opiates are one of the number one addictive substances on the planet, but they are used medically every single day.

Opioids do have their own list of unique benefits, but they have been overprescribed in the United States. The overprescribing of opiates has created a crisis situation that needs to be addressed, but no one knows how to solve the problem. There are tighter restrictions on addictive pain medications, and the war on drugs continues every day. However, there haven’t been any real solutions as to how to put a stop to the current crisis.

Opiate Detox Mission Viejo

When addicts can no longer get their hands on prescription medications to get high, they feel like they are forced to turn to heroin to get their high. Heroin is made from morphine, which comes from the poppy plant. One of the major side effects of heroin and opiate use is extremely itchiness. The user will feel itchy all over their entire body from head to toe. Users seem to think that their heroin is laced with another drug when they get itchy, but the truth is that heroin that makes the user itchy is more pure and potent.

It can be extremely easy to overdose on heroin, especially if you are used to taking prescription pain killers. While these drugs are in the same family, they are not the same thing. Many people that suffer from addiction fall victim to overdoses every single day. According to the Center for Disease Control, the number of heroin related overdoses have quadrupled in the last decade.

Heroin for Medical Use Throughout History

In the past, heroin has been used to medically treat a number of different conditions. The Bayer Company of Germany was the first medical company to introduce heroin into its products, which sold like hotcakes. Heroin was supposedly named because it was said to have heroic like effects as a medicine. It was used to treat everything from colic in infants to insomnia, as it put users to sleep. It wasn’t long before people realized that heroin was more powerful than morphine, and that it had a lot of potential to help people, as well as harm them.

Seeking Help for Addiction

While it is fun to learn about the history of these types of drugs, it is also important to know where you can seek treatment. You can also turn to us at TruVida Recovery to learn how to live a sober life. We can provide you with the tools and support that you need to find your back from addiction. You can count on us to provide customized programs that have therapies personalized to your needs.

Opiate Detox Mission Viejo
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