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A medical professional would rarely be wrong when they recommend that you get rehabilitation therapy for depression or drug recovery. Typically, the first option is to find an inpatient or outpatient program that compliments your life.

How does inpatient rehab therapy work?

An inpatient therapy program is available to patients who also need medical and nursing care from the facility. An outpatient therapy program requires patients to travel to the rehab center. Each outpatient program has a therapy program that is unique to the facility.

The first step of outpatient rehab in Southern California is to determine your mental and physical needs. Ideally, the treatment plan should be a collaborative effort between your medical professionals and the counselor. A clear understanding of your body’s makeup will guide the therapist to create a schedule that suits both your biology and lifestyle.

Frequency of an outpatient therapy

The answer will vary according to each patient’s condition. Most patients can expect to have two to five sessions a week. Each session ranges between half an hour to an hour. Your session's length will depend on your particular needs and the preference of the provider. The therapist will then set up assignments that will help them set up the subsequent plan of your treatment.

Types of outpatient rehab therapy modalities


This therapy format administers drugs for various medical conditions. The process also includes providing medically monitored treatment plans to treat substance abuse. A tapering strategy of this therapy formula is to help the psychiatric condition of the patient. The most common application of pharmacotherapy is during the detox stage when the patient needs medical support to expend the drug’s chemicals.

Psychosocial interventions

These interventions are verbal and involve a conversation between one or two people. The most common participants of the therapy sessions are formal group and individual recoverees and professionals.

Psychoeducation services

This therapy formula involves seminars and classes that act as psychosocial intervention sessions. The therapy formula is one of the most applicable because patients do not consider it a formal form of therapy.

The expert teacher or mentor explains different forms of therapeutic information so that the patients can use it to their advantage. The healing part of the procedure is learning, which gives fresh perspectives and problem-solving skills.

Individual, family and couple’s counseling

You can seek individual counseling sessions to help you understand your life in the privacy of the rehab’s office. The addition of your partner or family will help them understand your recovery and create a smooth interaction modality.

Outpatient group therapy

The rehab works by offering different skills and information to a group of recoverees at the same stage of healing. The classifications of the groups include transitional groups for those who have left the IOP program and long-term recovery groups that maintain one's abstinence for an extended period.

Our outpatient rehab in Southern California offers sessions that help in the development of coping skills for the long haul. The professionals can service patients of varied ages and genders with competency.



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