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Treatment Center In Lake Forest

Treatment Center In Lake Forest

Contrary to popular perception, drug addiction is more than a problem of habit. It is a real disease, and just like cancer or diabetes, willpower alone cannot make it go away because substances of abuse change the human brain in ways that make it hard to quit. If you are to have any chance of breaking free from the vicious grip of addiction, you’d need to seek treatment like you would do for any other disease. Our treatment center in Lake Forest can help you beat addiction and lead a fulfilling life of sobriety.

Does rehab cure addiction?

Like many other chronic conditions, it’s hard to purport that there’s an outright treatment for addiction. However, rehabilitation is a proven way of effectively managing addiction. The major challenge with addictive disorders is relapse. Getting the addicted individual off the substance and helping them stay without it for a few weeks or months is one thing. Equipping them for a lifetime of sobriety is another challenge entirely. So, no matter the length of the rehabilitation program, recovery remains a lifelong process. But with the right treatment plan, aftercare, and dedication on the part of the patient, it’s possible to maintain a lifetime of sobriety.

What is the difference between rehabilitation and recovery?

Rehabilitation is the intensive phase during which the individual is weaned off the drugs and equipped with coping skills to stay drug or alcohol-free. During rehab, the individual goes through detox, learns how to cope with cravings, and how to deal with situations or people that caused or exacerbated the substance abuse problem.

Recovery, on the other hand, is more about the long-term. The recovery phase may also involve therapy sessions, but they would not be as frequent or as intense as the sessions held during the rehabilitation phase. Group sessions, such as the 12-step program, constitute a significant part of the recovery phase for many people. Furthermore, a lot of individuals find activities such as yoga, exercise, meditation helpful in their journey to recovery. They may adopt these habits as substitutes to the destructive drugs or alcohol they used to indulge in.

All in all, both rehabilitation and recovery are essential phases on the journey towards a lifetime of sobriety. A good rehabilitation program, such as the one we offer at our treatment center in Lake Forest, offer aftercare programs that would help patients in the recovery phase. 

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At TruVida Recovery, we are on a mission to provide the highest level of personalized rehabilitative care to all our clients. We employ an integrated approach that incorporates mental health, medical, and holistic wellness addiction treatments. Our aim to help generate change, improve the quality of life, and foster family restoration of our esteemed clients, and we explore all ethical means that can help our clients overcome addiction. We have a diverse team of addiction experts, working together in a serene and welcoming environment to ensure our clients leave us to lead better, sober lives. Call our treatment center in Lake Forest today and our sober coach would be on hand to take you through the available treatment options.

Treatment Center In Lake Forest
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