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Treatment Center Mission Viejo

A safe substance abuse recovery center, TruVida Recovery, provides addiction treatment options for all the addicts at our treatment center. With the absolute level of personalized care for our treatment center mission in Viejo, we offer a secure and healthy environment for your recovery. We will help you transform your life to a productive one with our drug and alcohol abuse treatment recovery plan.

What is the success rate of rehab?

The success rate of rehab depends on the patient because the longer you stay, the better is the success rate of recovery. If a patient ends the program before he has recovered completely, then they have a higher chance of relapse. Many rehab centers claim a specific success rate, but in reality, it depends on the patients, whether they complete the program or not.

Every recovering addict goes through withdrawal symptoms, and when they can fight off these symptoms with professional’s help, only then they move on to the treatment plan. Completing the individualized treatment plan is only beneficial for your safe recovery.

Importance of substance abuse treatment centers

You must be a part of a supportive community during your recovery because without support. You cannot recover from the side effects of withdrawal. In a treatment center, you are under constant observation, to reduce any risk of relapse.

We also have inpatient and outpatient recovery programs for our treatment center mission in Viejo, so you can recover at your own pace without feeling pressurized. Our uplifting environment is the right choice for a recovering addict because you can feel peaceful and calm with us.

Treatment center services

  • We have behavioral therapy treatment options that are very effective for substance abuse rehabilitation.
  • We provide individual and group therapy sessions.
  • We have licensed and well-trained psychiatrists to conduct these sessions and teach you self-esteem, managing cravings, and trauma & survival
  • Our professional team of doctors and staff offers medication management along with prescribing medication for your treatment.
  • A community of recovering addicts who can support you during your fight with addiction
  • We have 12-step recovery and Smart Recovery programs
  • We provide individual care for all addicts because we believe that all patients are different, despite their use of the same drugs. So we treat you individually and create personalized treatment plans for you.

Drug and alcohol recovery treatments

We take pride in our impeccable staff who are professional and empathizing with our patients because we aim to provide unparalleled care and treatment. Our team of skilled professionals is always ready to help you during your addiction recovery process.

When you join TruVida Recovery, you become a part of our family, and we provide only the best treatment plans for our family. Your commitment is essential for our treatment center mission in Viejo. That’s why we have an initial assessment program where we decide the right kind of treatment for your recovery. Don't waste your chance at a better life; call now and reclaim your life!

Treatment Center Mission Viejo
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Our Commitment to Community

Our Commitment to community encompasses more than helping those struggling with addiction. We strive to remain in our community in a variety of ways and are dedicated to supporting and enriching the environment in which we live.


TruVida Recovery is one of the 6% of the nation’s behavioral health facilities to have obtained JCAHO accreditation. We are honored to have earned the JCAHO gold seal of accreditation.


We understand that addiction and the process of recovery can be both challenging and confusing. We’ve gathered answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about addiction and the recovery process. 

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